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The Laughing Lesbian is a page dedicated to the achievements and success of all women.Ai?? From writers to actors, mothers to rock stars, we celebrate them all! On our page you will find personal reflections, humor, guest writers, book, music and movie reviews, and interviews with influential women.

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Who is the Laughing Lesbian?

emsI am Emily, The Laughing Lesbian! This site is my outlet, my voice, and my soapboxai??i?? sometimes I can get loud. As clichAi?? as it sounds I have known I was gay since third grade. Maybe it was my third grade teacher and her amazing 80s hair or her floral patterned shoulder pads. Whatever it was; I was hooked. Since then I have had an infatuation with women of all sorts from personal women in my life, teachers, friends, baby-sitters, to movie stars, musicians, and entertainers. Photos of women plastered the walls of my middle school room and my parents had no clue I was gay. (insert eye roll here)

High school was hell as it is for most high school girls, but during those four years I really found my appreciation for the women I found so amazing. Their music soothed my aching soul; their movies took me on adventures for a brief escape from my personal hell. The friendships I built became my foundation for the woman I was growing into and wanted to be. Soon, their lips, bodies, and hearts became real, and I found my own physical women to touch and love.

It has been a long road, every ones road is, but I have finally found a straight forward path that has led me to this moment. I have realized that I love to write, I love music, movies and artists, and I love to laugh, and I LOVE women. So the Laughing Lesbian was born. Welcome to my little space where I hope to share with you the women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who have brought me so much laughter, strength and joy in this world.


The Laughing LesbianAi??

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