Singing to Her Own Tune: An Interview with Pippa Winslow

With a career that has spanned multiple countries and nearly every U.S. state, Pippa Winslow is a stunning portrait of an artist. Toting names like Universal Pictures, National Geographic and Old Vic, with national theatrical tours to her name in both the United States and the United Kingdom, Winslow has left no stone unturned in the performing arts. The Laughing Lesbian had a chance to catch up with her to ask her a few questions between shows and we are honored to share her humor and wise insights on the stage, what it takes to tour, and how women can define success for themselves.

Blanche in Brooklyn: Gillian Anderson at St. Ann’s Warehouse

On Thursday, June 2nd, The Laughing Lesbian Founder Emily Krawczyk, attended a performance of A Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann's Warehouse. While there, she met with world-renowned actress, Gillian Anderson, to present a donation for the St. Ann's Warehouse Gala Fund on behalf of the publication. Krawczyck met with briefly with Anderson after her performance, and The Laughing Lesbian wants to share the experience with you!

Tennessee Mountain Memories: Dolly Parton on Tour

Dolly kicked off her tour at the Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Friday, June 3rd, in a cloud of rhinestones and fairy lights. Her set was a wash of white, gauzy curtains and soft light, keeping with her tour theme of pure and simple. With a sweet "Hello Dolly" as she approached the stage, the concert began and she crooned a ballad from her newest album, set to come out later this year. Clad in her usual head-to-toe sparkle,the country queen herself cracked jokes and told heart warming stories between her songs, engaging the audience in sweet and meaningful ways. She was warm and inviting and at times it felt as if she were hosting a jam session for a few friends in her living room rather than opening a national tour to an arena of thousands.

Framing the Beauty: Katherine Brooks on Representation, Crowdfunding, and Women in Filmmaking

Katherine Brooks is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Chances are if you haven't heard her name, you've still heard of her projects. Her television credits alone sport several Emmy award winning shows that every teen and twenty-something loved to watch in the late 90's and early 2000's. The Osbournes, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Meet the Barkers, The Simple Life, and of course, The Real World. Shortly after her successful stint in reality television, Brooks moved on to short and feature films, with projects touting cast members such as Erin Kelly (LA Cafe Plays, Ruskin Theatre Group), Taryn Manning (8 Mile, Orange is the New Black), Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under, American Horror Story), and Elizabeth Shue (Blunt Talk, CSI). Brooks' work has been the recipient of several awards, including an Audience Award at Outfest and Best Feature Film at the Melbourne Film Festival. Brooks' feature film credits include Loving Annabelle, Waking Madison, and Lost In Time, which is currently in post production and should be available to audiences this fall.

Criminal Fun: Morality according to Cantor Gold and Ann Aptaker

Crime fiction, at least the kind I write in the Cantor Gold crime series, blurs the line between good and evil, moral and immoral. I tell the story of people who do what they need to do to survive, which, to one degree or another, is all of us. Because letai??i??s face it: right and wrong, moral and immoral, have very different meanings if poverty takes food from your table and the roof over your head, or youai??i??re faced with rotten circumstances not of your own making and the ai???system,ai??? or those in authority at your job, your school, your neighborhood, only make things worse. And though ai??i??or even becauseai??i?? Cantor Gold exists only in fiction, as the author I can reference these familiar injustices without being preachy. I can let Cantor just take you to the other side of the equation, while giving you the exciting, page-turning adventure you shelled out your hard earned money for.

United Colors of Major Crimes

It is always inspiring when a television series decides to go against the grain. But itai??i??s something else entirely when a show that is not only known, but beloved, for being a reliable procedural, decides to shake things up a bit. And by a bit, I mean massively change formats from stand-alone case-of-the-week episodes to an intense five episode serial arc. And when the show manages to make the change work and also makes you wonder why other programs arenai??i??t giving the same shake-up a try when the results can be.....

Julie Taymor: Calling All Directors

Julie Taymor, the Tony, Academy, Emmy, and Drama desk award winning director who brought us such beloved theatrical and operatic pieces as The Lion King (1997) and The Flying Dutchman (1996), has recently announced a new fellowship for directors. The Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship will select four directors between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-nine to travel abroad to 'go far away and be out of your comfort zone'. Taymor benefitted from a similar fellowship, the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, to travel to Eastern Europe, Indonesia and Japan to study visual and experi....

Phyllis Nagy: On Screen Writing and CAROL

In less than two weeks Carol will be hitting the big screen. We got a chance to have a quick chat with screenwriter, Phyllis Nagy, and got a tiny glimpse into her journey of over fifteen years as she brought Carol, from Patricia Highsmith's novel, "The Price of Salt", to the already award winning film. It has been such an honor to speak with Phyllis and to get an inside look at the transition of one masterpiece into another.