Drink Responsibly with Rachel Paulson featuring Anna Gillcrist

The Laughing Lesbian presents Drink Responsibly with Rachel Paulson featuring comedian Anna Gillcrist! Rachel gives us a good laugh with her Rapid Fire questions, a drinking game that we all know and love, and creates an atmosphere of energy and fun. With a drink in hand, anything is possible. Laugh, drink and have a good time!

Criminal Fun: Morality according to Cantor Gold and Ann Aptaker

Crime fiction, at least the kind I write in the Cantor Gold crime series, blurs the line between good and evil, moral and immoral. I tell the story of people who do what they need to do to survive, which, to one degree or another, is all of us. Because letai??i??s face it: right and wrong, moral and immoral, have very different meanings if poverty takes food from your table and the roof over your head, or youai??i??re faced with rotten circumstances not of your own making and the ai???system,ai??? or those in authority at your job, your school, your neighborhood, only make things worse. And though ai??i??or even becauseai??i?? Cantor Gold exists only in fiction, as the author I can reference these familiar injustices without being preachy. I can let Cantor just take you to the other side of the equation, while giving you the exciting, page-turning adventure you shelled out your hard earned money for.


We sit across from each other at the table. The restaurant hustle and bustle has faded as we look at each other with saddened, tired eyes. I wonder where the love has gone, we used to be so full of it. Was it the kids, the bills, the routine? What killed our affection, our intimacy? I think I know, though I donai??i??t feel safe to speak of it. Secrets. We have them. Maybe my secret is the destructive one, in fact I know it is. Iai??i??m sure you have secrets too, but if you do, youai??i??ve hid them well. I donai??i??t blame you, my secret has been killing me and also keeping me alive for a long time. Decades in fact.

United Colors of Major Crimes

It is always inspiring when a television series decides to go against the grain. But itai??i??s something else entirely when a show that is not only known, but beloved, for being a reliable procedural, decides to shake things up a bit. And by a bit, I mean massively change formats from stand-alone case-of-the-week episodes to an intense five episode serial arc. And when the show manages to make the change work and also makes you wonder why other programs arenai??i??t giving the same shake-up a try when the results can be.....

To Love Without Consequence by E.M. Anam

Often, I find myself writing about the special needs community, but tonight I write for a completely different reason: my life and myself. Let me start off by saying that everywhere I look, there is a fight going on, across the country, and across the world. The fight? If I am allowed to love who I love. For some reason, my falling in love and marrying a woman is up for debate with governments, countries, communities and other people. My right to fall in love and marry that very person should to be something to debate. Why is my love up for debate? Because the bible told them so? Let me tell you a little about what the bible also says.