No Sex, No Fame

No Sex, No Fame order periactin, buy dapoxetine online.

-Hannah Stewart

Thereai??i??s a particularly deafening silence that sets into the room when I mention that my fiancAi?? and I are waiting to have sex until we get married. The conversation either ends or picks right back up, but in a very new direction. (Of course, in religious circles, the conversation is rarely brought up in the first placeai??i??thereai??i??s no deafening silence because thereai??i??s no reason to mention it because of course youai??i??re not having sex with your fiancAi?? before you get a marriage license.)

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No Ladies on the Ladders Please

No Ladies on the Ladders Please
By Denise Abney

Gender equality in the workplace. All women want it. We blog about it, rant and fight for it every working day of our lives. From the boardroom to the operating table, collegiate lecture halls, Hollywood and everywhere in between. As a woman working in a male-dominated occupation, Iai??i??ve had my fair share of conflictai??i??but not from whom you probably had in mind.

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Heartland: Rachel Paulson’s Thoughts and Set Pictures

The ladies at The Laughing Lesbian were lucky enough to receive a great little blurb from Rachel Paulson, discussing the movie Heartland! Rachel sent this blurb involving a movie that focuses on Lauren, and artist in Oklahoma, who falls in love with her brother's girlfriend. This was perfect timing, as the Supreme Court announced over the weekend that same-sex marriage is constitutional and all states must grant a proper marriage license to all same-sex couples wishing to acquire one. Along with this treat, Rachel sent us some photos from the set!

The Foundation Garment of Feminism

The Foundation Garment of Feminism

By Alison Tedford

I have given a lot of thought to what womenai??i??s empowerment means to me. Itai??i??s been repeated so many times it scarcely has meaning. It reminds me of the Princess Bride quote, ai???You keep using that word, I donai??i??t think it means what you think it How do you define something so abstract? I decided to use a metaphor to bridge the gap in understanding what true womenai??i??s empowerment really is. After some careful consideration, Iai??i??ve decided womenai??i??s empowerment is a sports bra.

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I love you. Period.

It takes a brave woman to break her silence. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

-The Laughing Lesbian

Years ago, my cousin John came out to our family. There was a wide range of reactions, from a yawn with a bored, ai???ai??i??and?ai??? to the surprised, ai???FINALLY! When did he figure it out? Iai??i??ve known since he was

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Feature- Wild Women Unveiled

Last year I was chosen from hundreds of women to be featured on the website:

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Stories have the power to change. Stories have the power to heal. Stories have the power to shift the trajectory of our lives forever, for the better.”-WWS

Ali (founder) and the Wild Woman Speaks site is everything The Laughing Lesbian encompasses and I could not be more honored to be featured as one of their 40 Wild Women! Follow the link below and read about some spectacular ladies and see if you can find The Laughing Lesbian (Em Thomas). Enjoy!!