Blanche in Brooklyn: Gillian Anderson at St. Ann’s Warehouse

On Thursday, June 2nd, The Laughing Lesbian Founder Emily Krawczyk, attended a performance of A Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann's Warehouse. While there, she met with world-renowned actress, Gillian Anderson, to present a donation for the St. Ann's Warehouse Gala Fund on behalf of the publication. Krawczyck met with briefly with Anderson after her performance, and The Laughing Lesbian wants to share the experience with you!

Tennessee Mountain Memories: Dolly Parton on Tour

Dolly kicked off her tour at the Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Friday, June 3rd, in a cloud of rhinestones and fairy lights. Her set was a wash of white, gauzy curtains and soft light, keeping with her tour theme of pure and simple. With a sweet "Hello Dolly" as she approached the stage, the concert began and she crooned a ballad from her newest album, set to come out later this year. Clad in her usual head-to-toe sparkle,the country queen herself cracked jokes and told heart warming stories between her songs, engaging the audience in sweet and meaningful ways. She was warm and inviting and at times it felt as if she were hosting a jam session for a few friends in her living room rather than opening a national tour to an arena of thousands.

Review of Gillian Anderson’s: A Dream of Ice

a-dream-of-ice-9781476776552_hr Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin come together again, this time, with their gripping novel ai???A Dream of Ice,ai??? the second in the EarthEnd Saga published by SIMON AND SCHUSTER. Child psychiatrist Caitlyn Oai??i??Hara has it all, but after being flung into another world, developing new abilities and becoming the access point for the unknown, her world is starting to unravel with terrors that she herself has unleashed.

Born With Teeth: A Memoir

Now, while being a fan of Kateai??i??s for a few years, I was hesitant to read the memoir, as I had known a little about the adoption, the attack, and the heartbreak Ms. Mulgrew discusses, and knew that I was nowhere near emotionally prepared for the depths in which Born With Teeth reaches. Chapter by chapter, I was blown away. The lengths at which Kate goes in order for her story to be heard is insurmountable. Through 302 pages, Kate Mulgrewai??i??s personality and strength shine through. I read Born With Teeth in a day and listened to the audio of the book about a week later. The passion in Kateai??i??s voice, the sadness, and the excitement captivate the reader in a trance for 9 hours. Kate Mulgrewai??i??s words stun to the highest degree.

The Laughing Lesbian Reviews: Netflix’s Chelsea Does…

You love her or you hate her, either way, we all know who she is. Chelsea Handler is a household name across America and even the world: not always in a good way but publicity is publicity, right? Chelsea Handler left E! Network to do her own thing, which included but was not limited to: publishing yet another book, Uganda be Kidding me, doing a stand up tour of said book via Netflix, took a lot of photos of her boobs and made a documentary. All of these things were and still are, amazing.

Kate Mulgrew’s Born With Teeth

Kate Mulgrew or as some know her “Captain Kathryn Janeway” from Star Trek Voyager and most recently “Red” from Orange is the New Black will be releasing her new memoir Born With Teeth April 15th 2015. We got our hands on an advanced copy and The Laughing Lesbian loved it! Stay tuned for our visit with Kate at her book signing in Chicago this coming week!

ai???It is almost impossible not to hear acclaimed actress Kate Mulgrewai??i??s rich and distinct voice as you read through the pages of her new memoir Born With Teeth. As readers we are given a glimpse into a window of Ms. Mulgrewai??i??s soul and taken for an emotionally turbulent ride as Mulgrew so eloquently spins the story of her remarkable life through heartbreak and sheer joy. order clomid, order clomid. Born With Teeth is a jewel of a memoir that leaves readers with a feeling a kinship towards a woman we have all grown to love and admire through the years.”