Julie Taymor: Calling All Directors

Julie Taymor, the Tony, Academy, Emmy, and Drama desk award winning director who brought us such beloved theatrical and operatic pieces as The Lion King (1997) and The Flying Dutchman (1996), has recently announced a new fellowship for directors. The Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship will select four directors between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-nine to travel abroad to 'go far away and be out of your comfort zone'. Taymor benefitted from a similar fellowship, the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, to travel to Eastern Europe, Indonesia and Japan to study visual and experi....


From Anon: I came out to my family years ago and it wasn't terrible. They accepted me the same. That is until a few months ago I got a girlfriend. It's like all of a sudden it became more of a label and now "real." My family acts weird around her and me. They call us "friends" and are at times disrespectful all while putting on the front of "acceptance." I know this is a huge change for them and I don't want to throw it in their face. But I want to be happy too. What would you do? Help! I'm glad you asked, Anon.....

Review of Gillian Anderson’s: A Dream of Ice

a-dream-of-ice-9781476776552_hr Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin come together again, this time, with their gripping novel ai???A Dream of Ice,ai??? the second in the EarthEnd Saga published by SIMON AND SCHUSTER. Child psychiatrist Caitlyn Oai??i??Hara has it all, but after being flung into another world, developing new abilities and becoming the access point for the unknown, her world is starting to unravel with terrors that she herself has unleashed.

In My Opinion: Malala Yousafzai vs. Kylie Jenner

We need to talk. About the Kardashians. As I was perusing Facebook this afternoon I saw a post that a friend who I usually consider to be pretty enlightened shared on their facebook wall. The text of the post, as delivered by a group titled ai???Expand your Consciousnessai???, is as follows: ai???Malala Yousafzai & Kylie Jenner. Both turned 18 recently. One was given a Ferrari and spent thousands on facial modification. The other was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, survived a gunshot to the face by the Taliban due to corruption in her country, and opened a school for Syrian refugees to combat the lack of education for youth around the world. Whatai??i??s upsetting is the media is only covering one of these stories as ai???breaking newsai???. Share the post to spread real love and inspiration across the youth of the world. Last thing to note, Malala is infinitely more beautiful!ai???

Focus Features Announces: Lili Elbe Fellowship for Trans Film Makers

Focus Features just announced a brand new fellowship to continue the building of their legacy in Hollywood as a diverse company that celebrates all walks of life- and tries to represent them. In a partnership with Film Independentai??i??s Project Involve, Focus Features is launching at $10,000 fellowship for a trans filmmaker. The Lili Elbe Fellowship, named after the real life inspiration behind The Danish Girl, will provide winning participates with a $10,000 grant and opportunities for mentorship under the industryai??i??s top talent, including Nina Yang Bongiovi (Fruitville Station) and Christine Vachon (Boys Donai??i??t Cry, Carol).

Interview with Singer Songwriter: LP

Very rarely am I able to recall the first time I hear a song, but with LP I can tell you where I was, what I was doing and what time it was. That's how big of an impact her music has had on me. I was in a hotel room in Florida late at night flipping channels when I came across a Citi Bank commercial of a girl climbing a huge rock, but what caught my attention was the song playing in the background. This was before Iphone's could instantly tell you what song was playing so I memorized two words and was instantly googling. I googled for a good hour until I found LP and her song "INTO THE WILD" and from that moment I was hooked.

Madeline Stuart Walks In NYFW Once Again!

Madeline Stuart, a young model who has made quite a name for herself, will be walking in New York Fashion Week for the second year in a row. She will be walking on February 15, 2016 at the Angel Orsensaz Foundation. If you are interested in going, the doors will be open at 5:30pm and Maddie would love to see you all there supporting her! As the only model who has walked in New York Fashion Week twice, Madeline Stuart is changing what it means to be a model. She has been a positive role model for women all around the world and an advocate for individuals with disabilities. Madeline is quite the hero when it comes to little girls looking up to models for inspiration.

Born With Teeth: A Memoir

Now, while being a fan of Kateai??i??s for a few years, I was hesitant to read the memoir, as I had known a little about the adoption, the attack, and the heartbreak Ms. Mulgrew discusses, and knew that I was nowhere near emotionally prepared for the depths in which Born With Teeth reaches. Chapter by chapter, I was blown away. The lengths at which Kate goes in order for her story to be heard is insurmountable. Through 302 pages, Kate Mulgrewai??i??s personality and strength shine through. I read Born With Teeth in a day and listened to the audio of the book about a week later. The passion in Kateai??i??s voice, the sadness, and the excitement captivate the reader in a trance for 9 hours. Kate Mulgrewai??i??s words stun to the highest degree.

To Love Without Consequence by E.M. Anam

Often, I find myself writing about the special needs community, but tonight I write for a completely different reason: my life and myself. Let me start off by saying that everywhere I look, there is a fight going on, across the country, and across the world. The fight? If I am allowed to love who I love. For some reason, my falling in love and marrying a woman is up for debate with governments, countries, communities and other people. My right to fall in love and marry that very person should to be something to debate. Why is my love up for debate? Because the bible told them so? Let me tell you a little about what the bible also says.

The Laughing Lesbian Reviews: Netflix’s Chelsea Does…

You love her or you hate her, either way, we all know who she is. Chelsea Handler is a household name across America and even the world: not always in a good way but publicity is publicity, right? Chelsea Handler left E! Network to do her own thing, which included but was not limited to: publishing yet another book, Uganda be Kidding me, doing a stand up tour of said book via Netflix, took a lot of photos of her boobs and made a documentary. All of these things were and still are, amazing.