Gold Star Lesbian

Question: Gold star lesbian. People take such pride in this term. I am not one but I feel like it's something that I should be, and am ashamed that I am not. Thoughts? Answer: Gold Star Lesbian, let's define what this means before I give you an answer. According to Urban Dictionary, a Gold Star Lesbian is a lesbian that has never slept with a man and categorizes herself as a woman whose preference is women and only sleeps with women.

Lea DeLaria: Uncensored and Unedited

Lea DeLaria: Uncensored and Unedited


She is everyoneai??i??s favorite butch, Big Boo, from the hit show ai???Orange is the New In an exclusive interview, Chrystal and Emily from The Laughing Lesbian got up close and personal with the woman behind the character, or in this case, just the woman. Lea DeLaria is proud of who she is and where she is in life and it is evident by her uninhibited voice in this world. She isnai??i??t after shock value; she is just her true authentic self and if you canai??i??t handle her, well, she doesnai??i??t care.

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What links L, G, B, and T together?

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The person who asked this question wishes to remain anonymous.


I understand why the LGB portion of LGBT is grouped together but I would like to understand why the T is in the same category, as Trans is not a sexual preference.
Well, Reader, I’ve done some research in order to properly answer this question for you. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual preference is a sexual identity, you are correct, however they are also a minority group, in which Trans men and women are included. From a cultural perspective, each group has fought for their own civil rights as a team, not as a sole category of people. Therefore, LGBT is not exclusively sexual preference, but rather a group of men and women whom share a common goal; to be understood and accepted for exactly who they are. Men and women in the LGBT community fall out of the gender normality category and have experienced difficulty in surviving daily life without ridicule of their person. Sexual preference is just that: preference. A common goal to receive basic human rights for someone who is human and is in no way different because of their sexual preference of gender is what laces L, G, B, and T people together.


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I love you. Period.

It takes a brave woman to break her silence. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

-The Laughing Lesbian

Years ago, my cousin John came out to our family. There was a wide range of reactions, from a yawn with a bored, ai???ai??i??and?ai??? to the surprised, ai???FINALLY! When did he figure it out? Iai??i??ve known since he was

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