Fat is Not the New Sexy

We have all seen it: the new ad campaigns featuring plus size women, the expensive new bathing suits that accentuate the good features and hide the bad. Its all the rage: fat is the new sexy. And as much as I should be thrilled by this new mentality- I am not. Fat isnai??i??t the new sexy.
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Fat has always been sexy.

Who the hell gets to dictate what is sexy and isnai??i??t? Since when isnai??i??t a curvaceous woman beautiful? Why are we just now realizing that ALL women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful? So you have a thigh gap! Thatai??i??s great! You are beautiful. I donai??i??t have a thigh gap. In reality I spend more money on jeans because of chub rub than I care to admit but I really donai??i??t think that makes me any more or any less sexy. While I do appreciate the stance in singling out a body type that has been shamed, it is in fact doing the same thing to other body types. If fat is the new sexy then what happens to the skinny girls? Are skinny girls still sexy?


Body shaming is real and its victims are not just fat girls, they are skinny, short, tall, freckled, pale, colored and in reality, anything that is not text book ai???perfect.ai??? Women are perfect just because of who we are. We are diverse, we are unique and every type of women should be celebrated because that type of woman is beautiful.

So no, I do not think fat is the new sexy, fat has always been sexy just like every other type of body. Can we just celebrate women in general instead of picking a “body type of the week?” Women are sexy. Period.